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What’s a small way to make a big change in the world?

We ask ourselves that question as we watch a diminishing natural world, a warming planet, and lifestyles out of balance. Eating great food is a great place to start. Food that is easy on the earth, good for our bodies, and affordable. Join the community of change makers, and be a part of making the world a better place to live.

The VL Card

Our goal is simple – we want to connect you, the conscious consumer, to sustainability-focused foods, restaurants and businesses who deliver such products. Our partnership with you offers a number of advantages. Not only will you eat better and help the earth while you do so, you will save lots of money, and also be a key player in assisting sustainability projects locally and internationally. We are incredibly excited to have you join our community of sustainability-focused food lovers throughout Washington DC.

Who We Are

We’re foodies. We have a passion for truly tasty cuisine. Over the years, we’ve lived in culturally diverse neighborhoods and learned to appreciate all types of great food along with its effect on people. We’ve seen food heal relationships, inspire conversations, and create a sense of wellbeing. We are especially allured by healthy, attractive food with the smallest distance between the garden and kitchen. That inspires us to want to save the earth, protect the cows, reduce our carbon footprint, and guide people to a more connected life. We wish to help others learn where their food comes from and the impact their culinary choices have on the quality of their life. We’ve worked to find the best people talking about such sustainable living; from lifestyle to cooking, from ethics to adventure. We now wish to share this wealth of knowledge and create a community focused on those principles. That’s how VeggieLifeDC was born.


1. Buy the VL card from

2. Check the list of participating restaurants on the insert or our website.

3. Present the VL card while paying your bill and receive the discount.

4). Enjoy your meal and the money saved!


What money gets saved?

Well… an average American spends $300 per month eating out. Over a year, that adds up! With a $20 VL card you can save up to $350 a year. And that’s just the beginning!

Environmental Statistics

Fresh Water – Livestock has one of the largest water footprints on the planet. The standard American diet requires a whopping 4,200 gallons of water per day whereas a plant-based diet requires 300.

Waste Disposal – Factory Farms produce astronomical amounts of waste – they generate more than 130 times the amount of waste that humans do. This waste pollutes, contaminates, and creates huge dead zones.

Energy Consumption – On average, it takes 28 calories of fossil fuel to produce 1 calorie of protein from meat. Grains take 3.3 calories to produce the same!



List of Participating Restaurants and Businesses

DC Metro Area

Calabash – light snacks and tea tavern

Evolve – fine vegan dining

Everlasting – fine dining

Khepraraw food and juice bar

Loving Hut – vegan Asian

Sunflower (Vienna) – vegetarian Asian

Vegetable Garden – vegetarian Asian

Vegaritto – vegan Mexican

Woodlands (Langley Park) – Indian food

Additional DC Metro Businesses:

As Kindred Spiritsgift shop

Bhakti Yoga DCYoga studio

New York City

Doughnut Plant—gourmet doughnuts and artisan coffee

Bhakti Center Café